Stories of Hope

Meet patients who received treatment through Al Jalila Foundation.

Baby’s family grateful for a helping hand

A month after her birth it was apparent that baby Sarah had severe developmental delays and the doctors discovered that she was suffering with nephrotic syndrome, a rare kidney disease.Sarah’s parents were heartbroken when their daughter had to be admitted to hospital and...

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The power of hope for Palestinian boy

12-year-old Muayad Al Arjani was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, better known as ‘brittle bones disease’, and was unable to stand or walk without breaking bones in his legs. He was confined to a wheelchair throughout his childhood, unable to play with his friends or lea...

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Adam receives life-saving kidney transplant

Adam was diagnosed with renal dysplasia after birth which led to atrophy in both kidneys and severe deficiency in renal functions. He underwent dialysis for five years at his home in Ras Al Khaimah, before his condition deteriorated. At this point, his family took him to A...

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Fighting cancer with the help of friends

Roderick had always been an active healthy man when he uncharacteristically began to develop a persistent fever, sore throat and nausea that he wasn’t recovering from.Once he checked in to Dubai Hospital in July 2019 results revealed that he was suffering from acute myeloi...

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