Aadvika is energetic and happy once again

4-year-old Aadvika’s parents became concerned when they saw her behaviour change. Their once bubbly and energetic girl no longer enjoyed socialising or playing with other children, she was tired all the time and did not have any energy.

Upon further medical examinations her parents were devasted to hear that their first child had been diagnosed with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

In addition to the shocking news Aadvika’s parents were overwhelmed with the cost of the life-saving treatment desperately needed for their daughter. Their plight for help came to the attention of Al Jalila Foundation and a special campaign was placed on the patient crowdfunding platform A’awen Giving. Much to the family’s delight the community were there to support young Aadvika with the full amount needed for her treatment was raised in a short time.

Aadvika’s parents were overjoyed, “It was heart-breaking to see Aadvika suffer. We felt so helpless. Now we feel so supported from our amazing community who are always by our side and have helped us get our precious daughter the treatment she needs. Now Aadvika is once again our athletic and social girl who loves to play with her little sister.”

Al Jalila Foundation held a Superhero Day as part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month for the children who received support through the A’awen patient treatment program. We were delighted to see Aadvika so eager to take part in all the fun activities throughout the day. She truly has blossomed into a talkative, active and happy young girl.

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