Abdulrahman’s life is forever changed after heart surgery

4-year-old Abdulrahman suffered from left ventricular atrophy syndrome which is a disease that causes the narrowing of the aortic valve that separates the left ventricle from the large blood vessel leaving your heart (aorta).

Abdulrahman suffered from heart complications since birth and had already undergone two major surgeries to correct the congenital heart defect. In early 2022, he needed a final surgery that would restore his health and give him the opportunity to live a full and happy life.

Abdulrahman’s father works as a manager at a small pest control business while his mother is a housewife. The family were unable to fund the significant costs of the critical operation and thanks to Al Jalila Foundation A’awen program, and the community that rallied together to raise the necessary funds for his life-changing surgery, Abdulrahman was able to undergo the open-heart surgery. The young boy has made a full recovery; his energy is growing daily and he now enjoys playing with his brothers and looks forward to attending school soon.

His parents are filled with appreciation, “Our son’s condition is continuously improving thanks to Al Jalila Foundation’s support. We cannot thank the team enough for standing with us in the difficult time and showing us incredible compassion when we needed it the most. Abdulrahman is so excited to be able to go to school and we look forward to seeing him grow up strong and healthy with a bright future ahead of him.”

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