Bismah’s life is powered by hope

At 4-years-old Bismah, a highly talented child, began to develop serious health problems and deteriorated to the point that she could no longer walk or play like other children. After admission to the hospital she was diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune connective tissue disease, juvenile dermatomyositis, in which only 1 to 4 cases occur per million children. As a connective tissue disease, if left untreated it can cause significant disability and high-risk mortality. Patients must undergo rigorous medical care under close supervision to stabilise their condition and support their recovery.

Coincidently, in addition to this rare disease she was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus which too had developed complications and required vital treatment and care. The medical team at Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital put together an extensive treatment plan for Bismah and Al Jalila Foundation provided the financial support the family needed to save their daughter’s life.

The family has expressed their gratitude: “We cannot say thank you enough for the support Al Jalila Foundation has been to our daughter. She has transformed from when she arrived at the hospital unable to stand and she then came back home running.”

Bismah is responding to the treatment well and is a happy care-free child.

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