Jessa’s courage is her greatest strength

Jessa was only 33 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news came as a shock for the young administrative assistant who began to feel hopeless and like this would be the end of the road.

To make matters more difficult, Jessa’s insurance ran out quickly after beginning the treatment plan and she did not know how she was going to be able to fund the remaining medicine that she desperately needed to save her life.

Through the A’awen Giving website, Al Jalila Foundation set up a crowdfunding campaign for Jessa and the community quickly jumped in to help cover her treatment.  The support she received was incredible and soon all the funds were in place for Jessa’s healing journey to continue.

Jessa is now looking forward to the future with a heart filled with hope and appreciation, “After the initial shock, reading stories of other patients inspired me and gave me hope. Thanks to the support of Al Jalila Foundation and all those special people who helped me, I can continue living a normal life despite this disease. My message to those who are newly diagnosed, is that it is normal to feel down at first but we need to fight this battle. ‘Be positive, stay hope-full and lean on friends and family for support.’” 

Today, Jessa’s treatment is working and her pain has greatly reduced. She is following a very healthy diet and exercise plan and living a normal life with less worry, less stress and building stronger connections to her loved ones.

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