Swaba receives the precious gift of hearing

Imagine for a minute that you could not hear the birds singing, the leaves fluttering in the wind, and the laughter of children playing in the park. Imagine a world without sound. Now, imagine a parent who has just been told that their child cannot hear. Despair turns to hope when they learn of the cochlear implant – a surgically implanted electronic device that restores hearing. However, for many families, the cochlear implant is out of reach as it is an expensive procedure that requires extensive post-operative speech therapy and rehabilitation.

At the heart of our A’awen program is our mission to help improve the lives of patients. With A’awen, there is always hope.

When Swaba was born, her parents were devastated to learn that she could not hear. “It was heartbreaking. The doctor confirmed that she could not hear anything, and we were told that her development would be slow,” says Raseena, Swaba’s mother.

Early intervention improves speech and hearing outcomes. It is crucial that children with hearing loss are treated as early as possible. Swaba was eligible for a cochlear implant with all the costs covered by Al Jalila Foundation.

Since the cochlear implant surgery and the activation 3-year-old Swaba has become very inquisitive; she is imitating sounds and can already say “mama” and “baba” much to her parents’ delight. When Swaba heard for the first time her parents were overwhelmed with joy, and so much hope! In that moment, the sweet little girl’s life was changed forever. Swaba received a precious, life-transforming gift: the gift of hearing. She still has a long road to recovery but the path ahead is bright and full of hope.

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