Talia has regained her spark

4-year-old Talia’s parents noticed that she was always tired, lacked energy for simple tasks and did not want to play anymore. She had even lost her happy spark and had become withdrawn.

After several doctor visits, it was discovered that she suffered from a perforated atrial septal defect and mitral valve prolapse – also known as a hole in the heart – and needed urgent open-heart surgery.

Talia is one of two daughters and with only one income in the family her parents were unable to afford Talia’s medical expenses.

Talia’s parents were desperate to get her the life-saving treatment she needed to regain her health and joyful spirit so Al Jalila Foundation stepped in to set-up an A’awen Giving crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness and funds for Talia’s treatment. The campaign gained great momentum from the community with donors offering funds and words of encouragement for Talia and to her parents’ delight one generous anonymous donor fulfilled the full remaining amount needed.

Talia’s parents are overjoyed, “We are so thrilled that our daughter will be healthy again. Thanks to all the support we received we will see her sweet smile light up the room once more.” 

Talia’s operation was successful, and she is now in full recovery with a bright future ahead.

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